Bottoms Up! – The Marijuana Suppository Episode

Kali & Kronica talk all things cannabis with a side of suppositories. Kali takes one for the team and Kronica cooks up some suppositories and lube.  Sublime Fuzzies – Super Silver Haze keep us motivated! 

 Sex, lube, suppositories, and cannabis!

Shout out to the podcast Sweaty and Pissed – all about menopause.

A bonus episode for subscribers – Kali and Kronica’s husband try to understand what we are doing – #spoileralert – they don’t.


Episode 6 – How Do You Cannabis?

Kali & Kronica share some exciting news – we have FANS!!!

On this episode we explore the many ways to explore cannabis for the cannacurious.  Kali bores Kronica with her technical knowledge on dabbing, stories were told, chips were consumed.  Remember we’re high and you should be too!

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