About Kronica and Kali

Art design and creation by Cocoa Sweet Designs 

Kronica and Kali are life-long friends who remain friends out of our shared fear that the other knows too much…waaaaay too much.  Like we’ve run out of closets for our skeletons, too much.


About Kronica: Kronica is my cannabis character.  She’s a green goddess and ex-silicon valley sales schlep who loves all things cannabis.  Fueled by coffee and sarcasm, with a quick wit and a tongue like a sword,  I am excited to sample, smoke, dabble, digest, and unfold our findings on our podcast.  I am a mom to three beautiful daughters and two handsome stepsons.  I am also a caretaker for my 96 year old grandma.  Enjoying cannabis with my BFF is just the cannabis cream on top!


About Kali:  Kali is my pot smoking (and edible eating) alter ego.  Kali is damn witty and enjoys learning about the industry while sampling products.  As a mother of six (adult, or so they tell me) kids who is required to adult so hard on the regular because she works in a super-boring job with computers and shit, Kali gets the opportunity to combine her love of learning and her love of cannabis through this podcast.  Bonus, she gets to hang with Kronica and share some green goddess love.

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