Episode 1 – Introducing Kali and Kronica


Welcome to the Hey Wanna Cannabis podcast, a fun, education, straight-talk “potcast”, about all things marijuana. In Episode 1 you will meet Kali and Kronica and learn more about why these best friends decided to start a podcast all about exploring our canna-curiousity about mary jane and her good friend hemp.  Check out our introduction and then follow us on Hey Wanna Cannabis on Facebook, @heywannacannabis on Instagram and heywannacannabis.blog.  Let us know what you think, if you have suggestions and share any stories you have about the benefits of using cannabis and CBD.  We would love to hear from you!

Credits for the episode:

Intro/Outro music: Neon Ice Cream by Origami Pigeon on Premium Beats

Disclaimer music:  www.bensound.com

Graphic Design: Cocoa Sweet Designs, LLC

WARNING:  This podcast discusses marijuana use and is sexually explicit.  Please use caution when listening to this podcast. 

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