Let’s Talk Cannabis


Episode 9 – Marijuana, Pain and Soggy Chips

Kali & Kronica delve into the many uses of marijuana for pain management, and what strains to use based on your pain condition.  Random stories and topics are explored in stoner level depth.  Listen to the end for the “soggy chips” incident.

Episode 8 – BONUS Episode – The Marlon Brando of Taking it Up The Butt

Kali and Kronica’s husbands get involved in episode seven with elaborate plans to pretend to take the cannabis suppositories.  We told them to keep their day jobs.



Episode 7 – Bottom’s Up – The Marijuana Suppository Episode

Kali & Kronica talk all things cannabis with a side of suppositories. Kali takes one for the team and Kronica cooks up some suppositories and lube.  Sublime Fuzzies – Super Silver Haze keep us motivated!

Sex, lube, suppositories, and cannabis!

Shout out to the podcast Sweaty and Pissed – all about menopause.

A bonus episode for subscribers – Kali and Kronica’s husband try to understand what we are doing – #spoileralert – they don’t.


Episode 6 – How Do You Cannabis?

Kali & Kronica share some exciting news – we have FANS!!! On this episode we explore the many ways to explore cannabis for the cannacurious.  Kali bores Kronica with her technical knowledge on dabbing, stories were told, chips were consumed.  Remember we’re high and you should be too!

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Episode 5 – Trending Marijuana Topics

Kali and Kronica bring in the new year with some fresh bud and hilarious conversation about trending marijuana topics.  Don’t forget to light up before you tune in!

Correction:  Fuzzies smoked were super silver haze with hash, dipped in terpenes and rolled in kief


Episode 4 – Decarb and Micro-dosing

Kali and Kronica get their smoke on, talk about decarboxylation (we get super sciencey), and micro-dosing.  Plus personal experiences with edibles and which one of us is going to take one up the butt for the team.



Episode 3 – CBD for You and Your Pets

Kali and Kronica discuss CBD – what is it?  How can it benefit you and your pets?  Plus we smoke some Pink Maui – YUM! and Key Lime Pie – Delicious!  We discuss using tinctures, hash, and suppositories.  Tune in and give us a shout out on heywannacannabis.blog.

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Leafly: Leafly.com

Weediquette: https://www.viceland.com/en_us/show/weediquette-id

East Bay Caregivers: https://weedmaps.com/deliveries/east-bay-caregivers

Episode 2 – The History of Marijuana

Kali and Kronica explore the history of cannabis. How did this plant which provides so many options both practical and medicinal become stigmatized (hint: the government and Nixon)? Which founding fathers grew hemp? How has marijuana been used throughout history? In stoner corner we also share the dumb things we’ve done while we were stoned.

Episode 1 – Introducing Kali and Kronica

Kali and Kronica are canna-curious about all the aspects of the marijuana industry from medicinal to recreational. We are not experts but two friends who want to explore this expanding exciting industry and smoke and laugh all the way.

On Episode 1, Kali and Kronica have a smoke, a chat and introduce you to who they are and why they started this podcast.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Cannabis

  1. LOVED the debut episode! Loved listening to you both have great conversation and insight about cannabis! Can’t wait to learn more, as I’m definitely a NEWBIE to pot and vape pens… I want to know the differences in oils that you can purchase, and what you recommend for a rechargeable vape pen! Love it ladies…!!

  2. Hello, I have my medical marijuana card in PA. I need your advice on a stevia that will bring me energy and better mood. I applied for cancer and Fibromyalgia. I have no energy and am always in bed. I don’t want to live life just sitting around. Thank you very much. God Bless

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